Negotiation Seminar Fax Registration Form
Negotiation Seminar Fax Registration Form

      1. Print out this form.
      2. Fill out the information to register for a workshop or seminar.
      3. Fax completed form to ICN at 407-740-0368.

         Form may also be mailed to: ICN, Drawer 2970, Winter Park, FL 32790-2970

      Registration Information

    Event name_______________________________________________________

    Event date________________________  Price___________________________

    How did you hear about this ICN event? 
    ___Associates    ___Mail    ___Web Site    ___Search Engine    ___Email    Other:_________________

   Personal Information

     Name_________________________  Title____________________

     Company name_____________________________________________________


     Address 2nd line_________________________ Mail stop______________

     City _____________________________ State_______ Zip____________


    Telephone_________________________ Fax___________________________


     ICN does not sell e-mail information to other businesses or list services.  However,
    we would like to include you on our Tips & Tactics newsletter list to notify you
    of upcoming events and announcements. If you do not wish to be on this list,
    please check here. _____

   Payment Information

     __ Please charge my ____MasterCard  ____Visa  ____AmEx  ____DinersClub

     Name on card ______________________________________________

     Card number __________________________  Exp. date _________

     __ Please bill me.  Purchase Order number _______________________

     __ Payment mailed with form.  Check number ____________________